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Call for PaperVolume 2 No 2 (2021) Jurnal Gizi Kerja dan Produktivitas is an open access and peer-reviewed journal that aims to offer a national and international academic platform for nutrition and health.Focus and scope i.e occupational nutrition, clinical nutrition and dietetics, community nutrition, management of food services, sports nutrition, functional food, nutrition and productivity,…


Starch granular protein of high-amylose wheat gives innate resistance to amylolysis

Abstract Granular protein is an important structural feature in determining starch digestibility. High-amylose wheat starch (HAWS) with >80% amylose content contains more granular protein than wild-type starch. As analyzed by mass spectrometry-based proteomics, granular-bound starch synthase (GBSS) is the major granular protein in isolated starch materials. GBSS content increases with amylose content (Spearman’s correlation, p < 0.05),…


Dr. Hj. Lili Amaliah, SKM., M.M.Kes

Dr. Hj. Lili Amaliah, SKM., M.M.Kes NIP 19…. Profil Artikel Mata Kuliah Penelitian Pengabdian Paten / Buku Nama Lengkap: Bohari, S.Gz., M.Kes NIP : 198909082020121012 NIDN : 0008098903 Alamat : Email: Scopus ID: 57221746602 Sinta ID: Pengantar Statistika Kesehatan, Ekonomi Pangan dan Gizi, Pendidikan Gizi, Gizi Kesehatan Kerja dan Lanjutan No. Nama Dosen Judul…